To our valuable cooperation partners

The Corona virus spreading has hit all of us hard and due to the fast spreading and drastic restrictions imposed to the whole of our society and within most sectors, many companies including Helifuel are experiencing difficulties in continuing operations as normal.

However, we want to ensure you that Helifuel and our employees are doing our outmost to continue operations as planned.

#1 – Health

First, we are working to ensure the health of all parties involved with Helifuel.

We have introduced actions in relation to individual work practices at the Helifuel premises and to travel activity.

Additionally each one of us is strictly following the Norwegian authorities restrictions that was introduced on the 12th of March.

#2 – Continued operations

Secondly, we are working to continue operations as planned without compromising health.

Most of our employees are working from home-office with limited impacts to the daily operations. We are using the latest digital communication systems and can work efficiently from home.

We have identified the minimum staff required at the Helifuel premises for day-to-day operations and we are doing everything in our power to protect them from spread of the virus.

This group of personnel is ensuring that the planned production including logistics and verifications can continue without obstacles and that fuelling systems offshore can be serviced as needed.

We cannot ensure that our operations will go on without further impacts, but we can ensure you that we doing everything in our power to keep on moving.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or worries related to required deliveries.

Meanwhile, we wish all our partners a Corona-free environment!